Thursday, 24 September 2015

Read this and enjoy your day

Read this and enjoy your day

Doctor: Which soap do you use?

Patient: K. P. Namboodiri's soap.
Doctor: Paste?
Patient: K. P. Namboodiri's paste
Doctor: Shampoo?
Patient: - K. P. Namboodiri's shampoo.
Doctor: Is K.P. Namboodiri an international brand?

Patient: No. K. P. Namboodiri is my roommate !

Ø  A bookseller conducting a market survey asked a woman – “Which book has helped you most in your life?”
 The woman replied – “My husband’s cheque book !!”

Ø A prospective husband in a book store “Do you have a book called, ‘Husband – the Master of the House’?  Sales Girl : “Sir, Fiction and Comics are on the 1st floor!”.

Ø Someone asked an old man : “Even after 70 years, you still call your wife – Darling, Honey, Luv. What’s the secret ?
Old man : I forgot her name and I’m scared to ask her.

Ø A man in Hell asked Devil : Can I make a call to my Wife ? After making call he asked how much to pay. Devil : Nothing. Hell to hell is Free.

Ø Husband to wife – Today is a fine day. Next day he says : Today is a fine day. Again next day, he says same thing – Today is a fine day. Finally after a week, the wife can’t take it and asks her husband – since last one week, you are saying this “Today is a fine day’. I am fed up. What’s the matter?
Husband : Last week when we had an argument, you said, “I will  leave you one fine day.” I was just trying to remind you……

Have a laugh, laughter is the best medicine...Pass it on!
Joke time.....📢📢📢📢📢


Argument between British and India.
British - we spoiled ur mother land for 200 yrs hahaha
India - hahaha we r spoiling your mother tongue evryday hahahahahaha


Sardar in computr exam.
Exmnr- wht iz microsoft excel ?
Sardar - i thnk it iz a new brand of surf excel to clean d computer..



1. வாசகர்கள் தங்கள் படைப்புகள், கருத்துகள், செய்திகளை என்ற மின்னஞ்சல் முகவரிக்கு அனுப்புங்கள்.
2. அது உங்கள் பெயரிலேயே பதிவேற்றப்படும்.
3. இங்கு பதிவாகும் கருத்துக்கள் வாசகர்களின் சொந்த கருத்துக்களே.
4. கருத்தை நிராகரிக்கவோ, குறைக்கவோ, தணிக்கை செய்யவோ நிர்வாகத்திற்க்கு முழு உரிமை உண்டு.